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Black and Brown Sisters...
I know you're sick and tired of dealing with Becky and her Beckery!
She isn’t going anywhere, so you must learn how to DEFY her Beckyism.

The Becky Code meticulously deconstructs Becky to reveal the Weapons of Whiteness she uses to silence, marginalize, harm, and oppress Women of Color. Becky is exhausting. Don’t waste your magic on her! 

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This book is specifically written for black, brown, Native, and indigenous women. 

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Catrice M. Jackson, M.S., LMHP 
Learn How To Defy the Beckery! 
Join me for an informative and empowering moment to learn how to deal with Becky, defy the Beckery and amplify your JOY! 
I know BECKY better than she knows herself. To defy her is to first know her. I've cracked the BECKY Code for you so you can learn how to defy her Beckery and amplify your JOY 
Becky and her Beckyism isn't going any where. You'll have to deal with Becky's Beckery at one point or another so learn how to Crack the Becky Code, defy her Beckyism and amplify your JOY!