The BECKY Code 

How to Deal With White Woman Violence While Amplifying Your JOY!

"The Little Black Book for Black and Brown Women to Defy Becky" 


Black, brown, Native and Indigenous women have long suffered from living in a white supremacist society. And some of the deepest wounds have been caused by the racist actions of our so-called sisters in the fight for equality – white women, also known as Becky. Since forever, Becky has invalidated, insulted, and assaulted Women of Color with violent Weapons of Whiteness, and those oppressive behaviors continue today. This is Beckyism. This is white woman violence and you must defy it.


I know you’re sick and tired of dealing with Becky and her Beckery! She isn’t going anywhere, so you must learn how to DEFY her Beckyism. The Becky Code meticulously deconstructs Becky to reveal the Weapons of Whiteness she uses to silence, marginalize, harm and oppress Women of Color. Becky is exhausting. Don’t waste your magic on her!  


You’re not MAGIC for nothing! Yes, Girlfriend when Becky comes to Deny, Defend, Derail, and Destroy, you can whip out The Four D’s for Defying the Beckery. You can use these Weapons for Winning to deflect her destruction, protect your power, and amplify your JOY! The Becky Code teaches you how to defy her deadly weapons, resist her wrath, and activate your magic to not only survive, but to thrive and experience deep, rich, and abundant joy!  

AKA = White Woman Violence 
Nah! Sister-Friend, You Are Not Imagining Becky and Her Beckery! 
Becky, Beckery and Beckyism is toxic.

There’s simply no better word to articulate the depth and breadth of
White Woman Violence.

White women who are NOT owning and dismantling their racism and working to lay down their weapons are a detriment to your mental and emotional well-being. And even when they do the "work" Beckyism is always locked and loaded. 

The denial of their racism is deadly. 

Get The Becky Code so can you activate your Weapons for Winning! 
  1. Who Is Becky? Types of Beckys
    I know you KNOW who Becky is!
  2. What Tha Beck?
    This is Beckery 101
  3. Weapons for Winning
    How to DEFY the Beckery!