"I am authentically, unapologetically me. I AM not for everyone."

Racism is a deadly dis-ease that requires strong medicine. That's what I'm serving up; hard to swallow  truth necessary to eliminate this lethal infection from humanity. 

I realize my approach is NOT for everyone and that everyone won't like it and I'm unbothered by both. THIS is my work and I do it unmoved and unapologetically!

Diversity is dead and inclusion is an illusion. So let's talk about what's really creating stress, chalenges and barriers for black and brown people. 

Let's talk about racism.  


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The Beckyologist
Decoding Becky and Defying Her Beckery Every Damn Day 

Are you going to let Becky keep you from all of the bliss, exuberance, elation, and delight that you can stand?

Nah! Not today, Becky!
Listen, Sister... 

I know some days you give all you can just to survive. I know that it may seem like you’re never getting ahead in life. You may be overwhelmed with the daily requirements to just get through the day. I know it feels like it’s you against the world sometimes. I know how you feel when racism just won’t seem to stop throwing punches at you.

There so many more important things to give your energy to and to worry about. I get it. I really do. I feel your pain and struggle, because sometimes your pain and struggle is my pain and struggle. Your story is different and your life circumstances are unique. Yet when it comes to surviving the Beckery, I have walked in your shoes.

Sister… you’re not here to be miserable or mediocre.

Your existence is significant. You have everything you need to win when Becky inevitably comes for you. You are greatness and you’re here for a very special reason. I hope you choose to let nothing, especially Becky, stop you from being all you are destined to be.

Go forth, my friend, and WIN every damn day!
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