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 "In a world that directly and indirectly tells Women of Color they are not worthy, qualified, invited, beautiful or valued, we must deny EVERY restriction, affliction, prediction, and depiction that causes us to stay captive, be unhealed, doubt our destiny and fail to embrace our beauty."

– Catrice M. Jackson

NOURISH HER: Sponsor a book for a woman of color today and help her amplify her JOY! Order copies to send to you black and brown friends and family. 


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Donate any amount of your choosing and funds will be used to send FREE copies of the book to women of color who do not have the funds to purchase one. 
Make a Donation 

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Buy copies of the book for your black, brown, Native, and Indigenous friends and family and give them as gits.

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Share this book with the women of color in your life so they can activate and amplify their joy!