The Becky Code
You can't let Becky win!
The Becky Code meticulously deconstructs Becky to reveal the Weapons of Whiteness she uses to silence, marginalize, harm, and oppress Women of Color. Becky is exhausting. Don’t waste your magic on her! You’re not MAGIC for nothing! Yes, Girlfriend, when Becky comes to Deny, Defend, Derail, and Destroy, you can whip out the Four D’s for Defying the Beckery to defy her Beckery. You can use these
Weapons for Winning to deflect her destruction, protect your power, and amplify your JOY! The Becky Code teaches you how to defy her deadly weapons, resist her wrath, and activate your magic to not only survive, but to thrive, and to experience deep, rich, and abundant joy! 
Are you tired of dealing with Becky?
Have you ever met a white woman who didn’t emotionally exhaust you and literally suck the life out of you? What about a white woman who did not silence, violate, or oppress you? How about a white woman who did not center herself, her feelings, and her issues in a conversation? And finally, have you ever engaged with a white woman that did not become defensive, emotionally fragile, and/or jump into
fight-or-flight mode when discussing racism? If you’re like most women of color, the answer is no. Why do white women show up this way when engaging with black, brown, Native, and Indigenous women? Were they taught these behaviors, and by whom? Is there a secret script for white women that you don’t know about? What the hell is going on with white women? 
You Know Becky! 
Types of Beckys 


I know you know Becky, and if you don’, maybe the following descriptions will sound familiar to you.

Have you ever engaged with any of these Beckys? 
What Tha Beck?
How to Defy the Beckery
Beckery is the oblivious, obnoxious, and oppressive way in which white
women view the world through their white supremacist lenses that leads to invalidating, insulting, and assaulting people (especially women) of color with violent Weapons of Whiteness. Beckery is intentional, insidious, and invasive. Some Beckys know exactly what they’re doing, while others act out of willful ignorance on the daily. Both ways of showing up invade your space, peace, and joy. Beckery aims to do one of four things to people of color and their lived racial experiences: Deny, Defend, Derail, and Destroy. 
Winning the War of Becky
Activate your Weapons for Winning
I know you’re tired of dealing with Becky, but get ready to revitalize your life with the codes for defying Becky and her Beckery. The best way to defy Becky is to know her, and The Becky Code gives you the insights you need to deal with her violence while amplifying your joy!

Are you ready to crack this code and say, “Nah, not today, Becky!”

Yes, my Sister, it’s time for you to win the Battle of Becky!

Go forth, Sis… and WIN! 
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